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women make the world go around


Most women will tell you that their biggest fear in taking a boxing class is getting hit in the face. It isn’t. Their biggest fear is hitting someone else. For the longest time women got brainwashed into thinking that they are the weaker sex. In a weight lifting contest this may be true, but boxing isn’t bench pressing – it’s brains over brawn, mind over matter and survival of the fittest, physically and mentally. On the whole, men are physically stronger than women. To take that as an insult is ridiculous. An insult is saying that stronger is better. If you’re being chased by a bear, speed is the new gold standard of self-worth.  Boxing levels the playing field – it’s a skill that can be learned. In the ring, right makes might. It doesn’t matter why you throw the punch but how you throw it. Think like a professional boxer – money is your motivation, not morality. Greedy punches land, guilty punches miss. We preach the gospel of hitting and teach the science of not getting hit. When you put your faith in your fists  your life is in good hands.

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