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All men are created equal, they're  just not born that way. Boxing levels the playing field.  Boxing has always been the sport of the downtrodden. It's Plan B when Plan A wasn't an option. You hit a guy and he doesn't go down. Now what?  It was the sport of immigrants when No Irish Need Apply. No Black, Hispanic, Jews or Italians either. Now what?  The ring is always hiring. Give us your poor and huddled masses and we'll make a match for them. Boxing doesn't discriminate. In the ring the only color is the canvas and the only religions are orthodox and southpaw. Just because you walked in through the back door doesn't mean you have to walk out the back door. Boxing epitomizes the heresy this country was founded on - you can make yourself better than you were born. Every day for the past three decades we've taught men, women and kids how to upset the apple cart of rational behavior and take up a sport where getting hit in the face is  part of the curriculum. The most important lessons you'll learn from boxing are that you don't need a fat lip to call yourself a fighter and the biggest fear you have isn't taking a punch but throwing one.   The stories we tell aren't about boxing, they're about what happens to people when they box. We make you better at what you do by making you better at what we do.

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