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You know what’s wrong with kids today? Adults. Kids bounce off the walls, get into fights, call each other names and throw spitballs. They learn their way in the world by feeling their way around it. It’s when adults start evaluating kids’ behavior with the same yardstick they measure their own that the problems start. That’s when getting bored becomes attention deficit disorder and getting into fights translates into anger management issues. Can you imagine if the Little Rascals were around today? Most of them would be on Ritalin. Boxing is a great skill for any boy or girl to learn. It does more than just build confidence, it builds competence. What’s the difference? Confidence is how you feel, competence is how you do. Test taking is an athletic event – it measures how smart you are with a stopwatch. Brains will take you to the playoffs, but you need guts if you want to win the Super Bowl. Learning how to box develops motor skills, improves brain function and increases focus and mental discipline. Add some schoolyard swagger to ward off class bullies and you just gave your kid an invisible bodyguard to help them focus on what they’re there for – to learn.  

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