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The majority of our members are well educated,  just not so well adjusted members of society. Way too smart for their own good.  Boxing doesn't dumb things down, it levels things out. Smart minds require smart bodies. You don't get paid to think, you get paid to think on your feet. Physical education is about training your brain by teaching your body.  School may prepare you for work but boxing prepares you for life. No matter how much you know or how hard you work, none of that matters if you can’t handle adversity. Life is the University of Adversity. These aren't ballerina boxing classes. This is boxing. Anybody can teach you throw a punch. We teach you how to throw a punch  when there’s one coming at  you.  Boxing turns fear into fuel and adversity into opportunity. There is a gold mine beneath the boxing ring that with only a little more effort will radically transform you in order for you to radically transform the world around you. This is what you box for. This is what we live for.

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