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You are a legend. Instead of wasting time on tea leaves, tarot cards and fortune tellers, I can tell you your past, present and future all at the same time. You are a legend. I know this because I, too am a legend. Like most legends, you probably didn’t know you were a legend. I didn’t. You might have suspected it, but not expected it. The fact that you were not the most popular kid in school, did nothing remarkable that would give anyone a glimpse into your future greatness or for one minute make anyone other than your own mother think you had a snowball’s chance in hell of doing anything that could even remotely be considered legendary, fear not. I am here to let you know that you are, indeed, a legend. It takes one to know one and when it comes to spotting legends, I am legendary. Being a legend is not a compliment, it’s a challenge. Many are called but few choose it. That’s why they’re legends. Every legend has a story. Who’s writing yours? A quick tutorial on being a legend: You really got to be a legend. There’s no getting around that.  Somebody has to let you know that you’re a legend. I just did. You’re welcome. You have to go out there and start being legendary. That means you have to train for it. David and Goliath wasn’t a story about a lucky shot. The great thing about legends is that they’re born, not made. Your status as a legend has nothing to do with you. Zero. When I tell you that you’re a legend don’t bother thanking me. I had nothing to do with it. Neither did you. If there’s one thing that legends are, it’s humble. A legend has to be heroic. You can take some credit for that because heroes are made, not born. This is where I come in. There is no correspondence course on courage. They don’t teach it in school. You can’t learn it from a book or get it from a TedTalk. It’s hands on and it usually hurts. Courage is an unnatural resource that’s mined in the underground caves of conflict. Our conscious minds beg us to seek comfort, our unconscious minds prepare us for the discomfort to come. Being willing to face adversity is admirable, being ready and willing makes you able. In the ring, not wanting to get hit doesn’t mean you won’t. It only means you’re screwed when you do. I created a boxing club to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary things. I do this by reminding them of something they always knew- they were great to begin with. Everyone who connected the dots from egg to embryo to infant is a miracle. Irreplaceable. There will never be another. They didn’t break the mold because there wasn’t one to break. The original, signed by The Artist, formerly known as Yahweh. The world likes its legends in the past tense. The deader, the better. Legends are like secular saints. Finish the statue and light some candles. Not us. We prefer our legends room temperature. It's your turn. Start your Legend.

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