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Back in the old days it was a lot easier running a boxing gym than it is today. You didn't need a business plan, business sense or even a lot of money to open one. A ring, some heavybags, a couple of speedbags and not much else. Those days are over. Now boxing gyms are owned and operated by guys with MBA's and Instagram followers. Guys with cool names and even cooler tattoos who kind of know how to throw punches and kind of don't at the same time. But man are they great at marketing. I like to save the savvy for the training. No slouch in the education department myself, especially after eight years of nuns and another eight with Jesuits, it wasn't until I stopped fighting that I really learned how to box. Coming from a long line of Irish Neanderthals, I was somehow misinformed about the basic premise of boxing, that of hitting and not getting hit. The second epiphany I had, not up there with the burning bush but to me pretty relevant, was that getting better at boxing made you better at everything else. I mean everything else. I met people I would never forget, went out with girls I'm still trying to forget and accomplished things I never dreamed were possible, all thanks to boxing. I've taken these lessons I've learned and experiences I've had and tried to codify them into this place I called Trinity Boxing Club. My business plan was based on a song my grandmother used to sing to me as a kid about a placed named Maryanne's where the doors were always open and you never had to knock. Utter chaos with boxing gloves. If you were Irish you'd understand.



New York

Headquarters. The most iconic spot in the world. 20 Vesey Street, in the shadow of the Freedom Tower. Home Of The Brave.

363331832_18276447037179324_1382808520401625185_n (1).jpg
Los Angeles

The Outpost. A back alley in West Hollywood where Legends were born and Heroes were made. 


When it comes to your boxing education don't shortchange yourself. Learning how to box from someone whose never done it before is kind of like learning about the birds and bees from Sister Joseph Loretta. Appreciate the effort but not the outcome. The fact is training like a fighter has implications that go well beyond the ring. Adding braver and saner to stronger and leaner looks a lot better on your resume when things get rough. Whether it's private or group training you'll learn skills that will stay with you for a lifetime.



"I'll take credit for creating Martin Snow, but the gym? That was all him."




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